Tiha Toleva hefur opnað sína aðra einkasýningu á bókasafninu í Hveragerði. Tiha er fædd og uppalin í Búlgaríu en býr og starfar sem myndlistamaður í Hveragerði. Tiha útskrifaðist með diplóma frá Listmálarabraut Myndlistaskólans í Reykjavík vorið 2020 þar sem útskriftasýningin fór fram rafrænt vegna samkomubanns. Núna fáum við tækifæri að skoða myndirnar á veggjum bókasafnsins.

Sýningin ber nafnið Landslag – ég er ekki fullkomin, og fjallar um fordóma á mannslíkamann. Í myndunum líkir Tiha líkamanum við fallegt landslag. Við veljum ekki líkamann sem við fæðumst í og hann tekur stöðugum breytingum í gegnum lífið alveg eins og landslagið í kringum okkur sem móðir náttúra sér um að breyta.

Sýningin er opin út nóvember.


Landscapes – I’m not perfect, I’m just a human 

There is a thing about beauty. Beauty is always associated with the male fantasy of what the female body is. Female body has to be perfect as from the over worked image of a magazine cover. But is there such a thing in real life? What is perfection?

We are given our bodies and we cannot choose others. Life is constantly changing the human body, shaping it as the nature creates diversity of landscapes.

Tiha is working with enlarged, cropped and zoomed-in body parts using bright, not fleshy colours. The paintings are some sort of abstractions with reference to landscapes. She wants to let the viewer wonder what it is. Let him feel uncomfortable when realizing it and yet keep his focus on the painting as such. Mixing figuration and abstraction in a ways that make us question what body is. Looked through different perspective the body could be overseen as a landscape. 

How many women stand in front of the mirror and say, “Oh, my breast is too low, I have stretch marks and cellulites! Nobody will love me because I am too fat!” And how many go to plastic surgery to “fix” it? How many are spending time, money, effort to try to lose some extra pounds? Others even go further beyond and become literally sick from bulimia or anorexia. These are things that we deal with, and more than ever, today, with all the cosmetic surgeries and cosmetics to change how we look, and the constant barrage of images of beautiful, gorgeous, plastic-looking people. There’s always been so much shame attached to the body. And that affects men, too. It’s not just women.

It is also about acceptance of mortality. It’s about being a body that changes, that ages, that loves, that hates, that does all of these things! It’s not about being some sort of a model, a perfect ideal of any kind. It is about being different, it is about being yourself, just the way you are. The beauty is in individualism.

T. Toleva, 2020

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